Ground Systems
Software Tools for the Berkeley Ground Data System
Integrated Test and Operations System (ITOS)
The Integrated Test and Operations System (ITOS) is the telemetry processing and command handling system used with the HESSI mission.
Mission Planning System (MPS)
The Mission Planning System (MPS), formerly known as the Small Explorer (SMEX) Command Management System (CMS), is a GUI-based program that is used to build command loads for the HESSI spacecraft. MPS is a GOTS product and was developed under contract for NASA/GSFC.
Spacecraft Emergency Response System (SERS)
The Spacecraft Emergency Response System (SERS) detects fault or error conditions on the spacecraft and in the ground data system. SERS works in conjunction with Lotus Notes and triggers off of data logs or email messages. Operations personnel are notified via a paging system.
The SatTrack Suite is the flight dynamics software package used with the HESSI mission, and also provides automation and networking tools that tie the entire control center together. The Monitor & Control System for the Berkeley Ground Station is also part of the suite. SatTrack is a COTS product.