Project Data Management Plan (PostScript format)

Science Summary of HESSI proposal 

HESSI Science and Simulation
Detectability of He3 lines with HESSI by David Smith 

Markus Aschwanden's HESSI Forward Fitting Page 

Jim McTiernan's HESSI Maximum Entropy Page 

Tom Metcalf's HESSI Pixon Presentation 

Ed Schmahl's HESSI Imaging Pages 

Richard Schwartz' HESSI Sensitivity Page 


Max Millenium of Solar Flare Research 

The primary goal of the Max Millenium program is to understand particle acceleration and explosive energy release in solar flares. Elements of the program are ground-based solar observation, data analysis, and theory. We will work closely with the NASA HESSI mission and the SOLIS instruments at the National Solar Observatory during the period of high solar activity from 1999-2004. 

The HESSI Data Analysis Software Pages
Examples of HEIDI SAS Data 

Plots of SAS data from the HEIDI Balloon Flight, June 22, 1993. Ed Schmahl (Dec. 23, 1997) 

Yohkoh HXA Data

HXA is the aspect system for the HXT intstrument on Yohkoh, the Yohkoh analog of the HESSI SAS. Hugh Hudson (Dec. 22, 1997) 

More Yohkoh HXA Data 

A recent set of HXA scans obtained from Yohkoh. The X and Y coordinates are tilted at 45 degrees from solar NS. The notches in the scans are due to shadows of fiducial grids mounted on the rear grid plane of the HXT telescope itself. The locations of the limbs and of the fiducial marks are determined in hardware on board Yohkoh by a simple threshold identification. Also includes the IDL code that generates the figures. Hugh Hudson (Feb. 18, 1998)