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What are Coronal Mass Ejections and how are they related to solar flares and supernovae? HESSI's lead scientist Bob Lin explain s these solar phenomena. (Real Video)

Bob Lin explains how HESSI's research affects us on Earth (583 Kb .mov)

HESSI's Launch Vehicle - (3.42 Mb .avi) The three-stage Pegasus launch vehicle will be carried by an aircraft approxamately 40,000 feet over the open ocean where it will be releas ed into freefall for 5 seconds before igniting its first stage rocket motor. With the aerodynamic lift generated by its delta wing, the rocket will place HESSI in orbit in about ten minutes Orbital Sciences C orporation is the manufacturer of the Pegasus.



Groundstation Groundbreaking Ceremony September 23, 1998


New Satellite Dish Arrives at SSL  October 4, 1999


Spacecraft Bus arrives from Spectrum Astro  January 16, 2000



-Vibrational Test Anomaly during routing battery of tests at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.  HESSI sustains significant structural damage and returns to Space Sciences Laboratory for damage assessment.  March 24, 2000

-HESSI given the go-ahead by the Goddard Program Management Council after reviewing the mission's viability following the mishap in March at JPL. See "Status & Events" section for timeline since then.