Working Group 1: Energy Transfer Throughout a Solar Eruptive Event

Group Leaders: Frank Eparvier, Amir Caspi

Solar eruptive events are marked by a dramatic release of energy via emissions across the spectrum from gamma rays to radio waves, and through CMEs, SEPs, EIT waves, etc. How does energy stored in magnetic fields move from one form to these others? What are the mechanisms and how do they and the resultant observables of energy transfer vary through the different phases of an event? The goal of this working group is to address our theoretical understanding and observational evidence of the transfer of energy during solar eruptive events. Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Mechanisms of energy transfer
  • plasma heating (chromospheric evaporation, direct heating,...)
  • plasma cooling
  • particle acceleration
  • waves

    Observational evidence of energy transfer
  • spectral emission variations
  • particle emissions
  • magnetic reconfiguration
  • morphological changes

    Theory of eruptive events
  • fitting it all together into comprehensive views of eruptive events