Solar in Sonoma
Tracing the Connections in Solar Eruptive Events

November 27th - December 2nd 2012
Petaluma, CA, USA

A PDF of the conference poster is available here.

Update: The abstract book and the master science program are now online.

The meeting will be held in the Sheraton Sonoma County Hotel in Petaluma, California, from November 27th to December 2nd 2012. The conference will be devoted to analysis, interpretations, and results based on recent observations from various solar spacecraft. The workshop is the third in a series of "California Wine Country" conferences, and the format will be a mixture of plenary sessions and cross-connected working groups following the highly successful model established by earlier conferences in the series (Sonoma 2004 and Napa 2008).

The overarching objective of the conference is to examine the connections amongst the phenomena that lead to solar eruptive events, covering the themes:

  • Measuring the Coronal Magnetic Field;
  • Connections to, and Reactions of, the Large-Scale Corona;
  • Large-scale Magnetic Connectivity of Active Regions;
  • Transfer of Energy to, and Storage of Energy in, the Corona;
  • The High-Energy Particle - Flare - CME connection.

There are 7 working groups which will run in parallel.

  • Group 1: Energy Transfer Throughout a Solar Eruptive Event
  • Group 2: Global Energetics of an Ensemble of Events
  • Group 3: Coronal Influences to the Lower Atmosphere/Seismic Waves
  • Group 4: CME Initiation and Type II Radio Bursts
  • Group 5: The Release of Energetic Particles in the Low Corona: Shock or Reconnection?
  • Group 6: Flows vs. Waves - Does it Matter?
  • Group 7: Microflares and Nanoflares

There will also be a panel-led debate on the topic of "How much closer are we to flare prediction?"


Gordon Emslie (WKU), Frank Eparvier (LASP), Bernhard Fleck (ESA), Louise Harra (MSSL), Eduard Kontar (University of Glasgow), Kanya Kusano (Nagoya University), Bob Lin (UCB), James McAteer (NMSU), Gerry Share (NRL), Barbara Thompson (NASA/GSFC), Angelos Vourlidas (NRL)


Hazel Bain (webmaster), Hugh Hudson, Claire Raftery, Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Wei Liu