Working Group 2: Global Energetics of an Ensemble of Events

Group Leaders: Brian Dennis, Claire Raftery

This group will be similar to those that met in Napa (2008) and Taos (2003). The goal of this working group is to improve the understanding and calculation of how energy is distributed throughout Solar Eruptive Events (SEEs). The topics that will be tackled include:

  • Partition of energy amongst the major SEE components, including the flare thermal plasma, radiated emissions and, accelerated electrons and ions; the CME kinetic and potential energies; and the energy in SEPs.
  • Energy requirement for generating Sunquakes and effect on other SEE components (i.e. energy of sunquake producing events vs. non-sunquake producing events).
  • Energy requirement to launch coronal disturbances (EIT waves).

A list of suggested events will be distributed prior to the meeting for analysis. Please see the following papers for context:

Emslie et al (2012), ApJ, in press

Emslie et al. (2005), Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), 110, 11103

Emslie et al. (2004), Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), 109, 10104