Working Group 3: Coronal Influences to the Lower Atmosphere/Seismic Waves

Group Leaders: Alexander Warmuth, Adam Kowalski

We tend to think about solar eruptive events as mainly coronal phenomena. Historically, however, these processes were first identified in the photosphere (white-light flares: Carrington 1859) and chromosphere (H-alpha flares, erupting filaments). Recent observations have underlined the importance of considering also the lower height ranges of the solar atmosphere, showing several eruption-related observational signatures in deeper atmospheric layers. A particularly interesting topic is the total radiative emission of solar flares, of which a significant fraction originates from below the corona. In this working group, we will thus focus on the following topics:

  • white-light flares
  • chromospheric flare signatures, chromospheric evaporation
  • seismic waves
  • Moreton waves