Working Group 4: CME Initiation and Type II Radio Bursts

Group Leaders: Astrid Veronig, Hazel Bain

This working group will deal with the topics of CME initiation, acceleration and type II radio bursts. We will aim to divide our time to cover topics such as: 1) observations and modeling of CME initiation; 2) impulsive CME acceleration and relation to flare-accelerated particles; 3) shock formation and type II radio bursts.

The sequence of events that leads to the initiation of a CME is still a hot topic in solar physics. Some topics this group will cover, but are not limited to, are:

  • What triggers a CME? e.g. shearing motions in the footpoints.
  • What comes first? Does the flare trigger the CME or visa versa?
  • Where does the reconnection occur?

At interplanetary distances it is generally accepted that type II radio bursts are the manifestations of electron acceleration in the foreshock of propagation CMEs. However, for coronal type II bursts, it is still unclear whether flare related blast waves play a role in shock formation. Topics for discussion will include, but are not limited to:

  • Piston-driven versus blast wave shock formation in the corona.
  • How are shocks and type II bursts related to EIT waves?

Depending on the abstracts we receive and the delegate's second choice of working group (indicated upon registration), possible joint sessions will be scheduled with other working groups where appropriate.